"...A Feast of foreign destinations, sensuality and raging hormones, Salfield delves into the inner machinations of a young man looking for answers in the curve of a wave or a womans hips, fresh engaging and original..."

Kim Falconer, Author of the Quantum Enchantment series.

About the book

'Sex and Surfing' is a novel inspired by a series of experiences I had whilst travelling the world as a newly single man in 2008. I had just turned 30 and been crudely deposited into the bachelor jungle after seven years of domestic bliss. With nothing to hold me back and the niggling sensation that there was more to life than wallowing in misery I decided to set off to search for the 'one'. The 'one' however became many and what began as noble quest for true love quickly deteriorated into a hedonistic montage of Sex and Surfing. I self published this book as a precursor to my second novel which I have now finished work on and am hoping to have published by a mainstream publishing house. I truly appreciate your support and by purchasing a copy of my book you are helping me to develop my art. Best regards, Danny Salfield.

About the author

Danny was raised in Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW  on a diet of surfing and tofu steaks. Upon graduating from salt water high he went on to a university degree in Media Studies at the local university. After being socially outcast by his peers for having no interest in naturopathy or caring for dunes he turned his back on Byron and went to work as DJ for a commerical radio station on the Cold Ghost. After realising his soul while mostly worthless was not totally ready to be sold he then spent a number of years trying to give it more substance whilst surfing around the world. Most recently he was on air on Lismore based radio station Triple Zed Fm and on stage at various (two) monthly open mic stages in the local area performing stand up comedy. He hopes to keep writing and trying to convince himself and various family members (all of them) that because you do something enough it can be called a 'career' 


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